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Famsystem Technology has 30+ years’ experience in Designing, Manufacturing and Installing Tank Storage and Process Solutions for Industry leaders in Southern Africa and the African Continent.


Quality Service

We deliver the optimum configuration for your needs, thereby reducing costs without compromising quality or long-term sustainability.


Latest Technology

Manufacturing in the latest Fiberglass & Resin Technology together with lined Fiberglass Thermoplastics (PP & PVC) sets us apart from our competitors.

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Our products include:

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Our products include:

Years Experience

Completed Projects

Largest most recent project in value – 2020

Famsystem Technology specialises in Sewage Treatment in Fiberglass Tanks which has been perfected over the years with hundreds of Plants all over South Africa. Trusted by every Mine Group in South Africa, Developers and Estates our largest flagship Housing Estates Sewage Plants includes Copper Leaf Golf Estate and Dunblane Lifestyle Estate where houses sell for up to 10 Million Rands.

Elikhulu Gold

We supplied a 55 & 33 thousand litre Vinyl Ester Fiberglass Tanks to the 1.74 Billion Elikhulu gold treatment plant for DRA & Pan African Resources.

South32 Life Extension Project

South32 approves South Africa’s Klipspruit life extension project.

Australian mining and metals company South32 has approved the R4.3bn ($301M) Klipspruit life extension project (KPSX) at South Africa Energy Coal (SAEC).

Base Titanium in Kenya

2 x 12m Containerised Fiberglass Lined Sewage Plants to treat 28kl per day for Base Titanium in Kenya. These are “plug and play” where the Panel, Blower, Recycling Pumps and Disinfection Tanks are all installed inside the Container and pre-tested and assembled at the Factory for quick on site same day installation. It uses the same principles as our large Fiberglass Sewage Plants and can be transported anywhere in the world in expensively.

Completed Sewage Plants

Litres Processed Daily

Famsystem Sewage System

The Famsystem Sewage System is designed specifically for your Project and treats effluent and sewage producing water in accordance with the Department of Water Affairs Specifications for both General and Special Standards. Technology is based on the Activated Sludge System for areas that do not have a centralised sewage infrastructure.

Design Options

Various designs are available from single house plant units to plants with flows of over 2 Ml/day. Each design is standard in principle but is adapted to the application. This allows low cost, quick delivery and long trouble-free operating life by utilising our Fiberglass Technologies which is highly anti-corrosive and protects the structure from the harsh African sun.

On-Site Operation

Our designs have been perfected over the years, and utilise a simple on-site operation in order to run a complicated biological process. EPDM Diffusers produce millions of micro-sized bubbles that are absorbed into water and are the latest in oxygen bubble technology. The Sewage plant levels are balanced via gravity flow and do not require additional chemicals or bacteria to work.

Above Or Below Ground Plants

The plants can be above or below ground and can utilise a septic tank or run without. We do not use membranes or bio carriers which can block in time and decrease the efficiency of the Plants. This ensures constant results on the quality and reduces maintenance.

Plant Technologies

The plant builds up bacteria and with our various recycling technologies, creates an environment for both nitrification and de-ntrifiction processes. The plant will reduce ammonia, suspended solids, COD and various other values to within the levels required by law. Our Plants carry both a process and mechanical guarantee.


Equipment is kept to a minimum – generally a blower (up to 5,5kw) to aerate the Tanks and a cutter pump (0,75kw) for recycling with air lifts to keep electricity consumption to a minimum.

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