Plastic Tanks

The company has a number of plastic welders with extensive experience in the field ensuring excellent quality of workmanship at all times.

From small items to large size equipment, the Plastic Fabrication Shop ensures that the product is fully to specifications.

Tanks manufactured for German design company for local effluent plant at Mercedes Benz.


We manufacture cylindrical and rectangular tanks for storage, galvanizing, pickling, plating.

HCl storage tank installed inside a container for export. All reinforcing is internal to maximise the volume.

Specials include:

  • chlorinators
  • ducting Scrubbers
  • fan casings
  • long radius bends
  • Overflow systems, etc

PP storage tank for acid solution where fibreglass cannot be used

Plastic manufacture:

  • Vertical tanks 
  • Rectangular tanks
  • Moulded tanks
  • Flocculators
  • Piping assemblies

HCl HDPE Tanks For Export

We have also manufactured a number of HCl HDPE tanks for export to African mines, with great success.

Want to know more?

Full advice available on various plastic materials, their use and relative cost

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