FAMSYSTEM TECHNOLOGY have developed clarifier designs for waste treatment, water treatment and general effluent treatment plants. Manufactured from fibreglass, they can handle most applications. Corrosion free both inside and outside. Relatively light weight they can be transported and lifted in position with ease.

With a conical bottom, efficient sludge collection is guaranteed. Because of the smooth surface typical of fibreglass or plastics, a 45-degree cone can be used in most applications, reducing space requirements.

The design has been used in the many hundreds of sewage plants produced and operating, but recently the design has been applied to water treatment and effluent treatment.


Maximum diameter is 4m due to transport and manufacturing limitations. Diameter side signed based on flow rate and settling rates experienced for a specific application.

Fibreglass & Thermo Plastic Tanks

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The factory can also produce many special as required. These include pipes and ducts in fibreglass. Launders for the mining industry.

Portable fibreglass flushable toilets with hand pump & Guard Huts

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