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Tecnium, Barcelona Spain, has been manufacturing plastic pumps for over 35 years. This extensive experience has been applied to a complete range of pumps using PP, PVDF as well as other special materials.

The range of horizontal pumps include:

  • Type BN: a pump designed to the internationally acceptable Din standard. The range includes metal reinforcing of the pump casing, back pull out design, various seal arrangements. Flows over 100m3 /h and discharge pressures of 1000kPa can be handled.
  • Type BVC: same long coupled pump as the BN type, but with flanged motor, requiring no baseplate.
  • Type BH: close-coupled version of the above pump, to reduce overall capital cost.
  •  Type BX: smaller close-coupled pump without steel reinforcement for the flow rates up to 25m3/h and maximum discharge head of 25m.
  • Type TM: magnetically driven pumps for applications where mechanical seals are not possible. The range covers flow rates up to 30 m3/h and 25m discharge head.

Some of the special design characteristics of the Tecnium pump are:

  1. The impeller has a strong internal mechanical core, which transmits all torque to the shaft via a standard shaft-key design. This reduces stress in the plastic material and improves operating life, especially under fluctuating temperatures.
  2. The mechanical seal is installed without causing strain on the plastic backplate of the pump. This is done by a special metal support incorporated in the metal casing design. As this support is not in contact with the liquid, it offers extra strength in this area and reduces movement.
  3. A replaceable shaft sleeve with O-ring sealing arrangement for easier maintenance.
  4. Impeller cap will seal the front end of the impeller under all circumstances.
  5. The impeller is fixed on the shaft and requires no adjustment. It is not affected in case of dry running.
  6. Full range of mechanical seals available.

To view picture, please visit the Tecnium site at:

Standard Products:

  • Chemical pumps
  • Non metal fans
  • Flowmeters _ plastic
  • Flowmeter – glass
  • Graphite heat exchangers
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