Fibreglass Tanks

FAMSYSTEM TECHNOLOGY designs and manufactures a large range fibreglass tanks for industrial applications. With over 30 years experience, the tanks are designed for specific applications taking into account the specific duty and taking into account various aspects such as density, temperature, pressure and content.

With a large manufacturing facility in Sebenza, Edenvale, the company offers in house manufacture as well as in house quality control.

The range is as wide as the requirements of the clients, but they include:

  • Acid tanks for the storage acidic solutions. Special mention should be made of hydrochloric acid tanks and sulphuric acid tanks.
  • HCl tanks take into consideration the properties of the small HCL ion, which has lead to the delamination of these tanks in the past. With special resins and designs FT ensures long trouble-free operation for these tanks
  • 98% sulphuric acid has long been a problem but by using the correct liner and design, FT has tanks operating for over 20 years.
  • Acid columns require special designs as they need to hold pressure, acidic conditions as well as the movement of the activated carbon. FT has design these for many years for both local and international clients

FAMSYSTEM TECHNOLOGY offer in house design to BS4994 or EN53121 or SANS specifications. FT also produces rectangular tanks for applications where the normal round tank is not suitable.

Acid Vinyl Ester Tanks
Acid Wash Cone
CIP Tanks Vinyl Ester

Fibreglass & Thermo Plastic Tanks

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The factory can also produce many special as required. These include pipes and ducts in fibreglass. Launders for the mining industry.

Portable fibreglass flushable toilets with hand pump & Guard Huts

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