Plastic Lined Tanks

The use of thermoplastic liners reinforced with fibreglass offer a number of advantages to all fibreglass tanks.

They are also often a more economical alternative than the use of special resins and extra thick corrosion barriers.


FAMSYSTEM TECHNOLOGY has over the years manufacture many of these units for different applications.

The first one is the use of liners purely because of the corrosive duty of the content. The liner in many cases is more resistant than the combination of glass and resin. These include acidic applications, or storage of liquids which would corrode the glass content if the reinforcement such as HF or caustic.

Another application where a mixed tank contains solids which could abrade the fibreglass inner surface and reduce the life of the complete tank.

FAMSYSTEM TECHNOLOGY also uses a liner where the corrosive nature of the liquid is unknown and could vary between acid and alkaline.

Fibreglass & Thermo Plastic Tanks

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The factory can also produce many special as required. These include pipes and ducts in fibreglass. Launders for the mining industry.

Portable fibreglass flushable toilets with hand pump & Guard Huts

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